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?      What is expected from Workers?

1. Go to http://cheetuh.com/b/ALzRkxc-c3ffb519 and visit the URL shown on that page

2. Read enough at the URL from http://cheetuh.com/b/ALzRkxc-c3ffb519 to know what that website is about

3. Find a forum that is in english and related to the keyword shown at http://cheetuh.com/b/ALzRkxc-c3ffb519, and that DOES NOT use a non-english (such as .ro, .cn or .ru) or free (such as .cc or .tk) TLD. That basically means that you will need to make sure that domain ends in .com, .net or a similar TLD and is english language

4. Open a "new topic" post and make a respectable comment that is at least 30 words long. DO NOT COPY/PASTE content from the URL that you visited before making a post - instead of that, make a well written, unique and positive comment about that website and it's offerings.
DO NOT POST illegal, offensive, negative or harmful information.

5. Include the link in your post that would point to the URL from http://cheetuh.com/b/ALzRkxc-c3ffb519, and make sure that the link is within the content that you created - not at the beginning or end of it. You can not have ANY OTHER links in this post

6. Submit the URL of your newly made post at http://cheetuh.com/b/ALzRkxc-c3ffb519 - our bot will automatically check that the forum has required page rank and that the URL actually contains the requested link, and that the new post does not contain copy/pasted content from the target website

7. Do not use the same forum for more than 25 times ever, or for more than 3 times in last 6 hours for any of our activities.
Also, do not use forums that have been heavily used by other MW workers - we do not want to overwhelm any specific domain with too many submissions, so do not use the same forums that some other worker has recommended to you.

Understand this is a New Post and not a comment on someone's else post. If you post won't have a unique content or is poorly written, your submission will be declined...

      Required proof that task was finished?

1. 7 character confirmation code

- If you report anything that does not contain a 7 character confirmation code, your task will automatically be declined.

- Confirmation code can not be used more than once and is mathematically impossible to guess.

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